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orangeX cashback account

Cashback account for orangeX

Features and Cashback Rate for orangeX

Here are the reasons why CoinBack recommends trading on orangeXand the characteristics of people who are suitable for it.

Established in 2021 and registered in Seychelles, this is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. It has acquired the U.S. MSB (Money Services Business) license and is registered in the Czech Republic.

It offers spot trading, perpetual futures, and copy trading. With a maximum leverage of 200 times, it ensures high liquidity. Reflecting an active trading environment, it boasts a significant trading volume of $500 million in 24 hours.

While makers benefit from discounted fees, takers are charged fees. Therefore, it is recommended to open an account through CoinBack to receive a 45% rebate.

For a Trade of 1 BTC

*Calculated at $53,000 per BTC

Maker Round-Trip Fee

(Limit Order Fee)


Cash Back

Taker Round-Trip Fee

(Market Order Fee)


Cash Back

CoinBack offers a service that returns up to 40% of the fees incurred in cryptocurrency trading. By registering with CoinBack and linking your exchange user ID, you can receive cashback based on the fees charged by the exchange.

orangeXintroductory article

CoinBack Media provides helpful information and valuable insights to its members to ensure a more comfortable trading experience on orangeX. This includes solutions to common trading queries and exclusive offers.

Registration steps

Registration Procedure

User Registration

Registering with CoinBack.

Cryptocurrency Trading Account

Please make sure to open your account through the link provided on the CoinBack website for ID linking.

Create Account

Linking with Your Exchange Account

Register your exchange user ID on CoinBack by going to the account registration section of My Page.

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Start Using CoinBack

Cashback will occur on your transactions.



Even if you already have an account, you can still link it by opening a new account through CoinBack's link.

If you have already completed KYC verification for an existing account, please close the existing account and register again through CoinBack's link.

To prevent registration omissions, please delete your browser's cookies before opening an account.

Linking is completed by registering your UID from the CoinBack management screen and completing the email authentication.