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Brand Name CoinBack
Operating Company I&C Nexus PTE. LTD.
Headquarter 160 Robinson Road
#14-04 Singapore Business Federation Center
Business Hours SGT10:00(日本時間11時)〜STG18:00(日本時間19時)
Language Supported English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

CoinBack, founded in January 2022, will cash back affiliate rewards from cryptocurrency exchanges to traders.The utmost priority is to provide an environment where traders can pursue profits more,We strive to provide the highest cashback rate, an easy-to-use site environment, and our own campaigns.We provide prompt and courteous multilingual customer support and always strive to improve trader satisfaction.

CoinBack TEAM

CoinBack was launched by traders, Botters, analysts and professioals in blockchain technology and forex.We pledge to operate closely with the actual situation of traders.

Our mission

As our primary mission, CoinBack is committed to providing an environment where traders can pursue profits even among the high transaction fees associated with the rise in the value of crypto assets.In addition, as a cashback site, we are committed to improving the convenience, safety, transparency, and reliability every day.In order to protect your cashback, we invest heavily in cybersecurity and protect your assets from all risks.

Contact US

CoinBack will take into account traders’ opinions as much as possible.If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us at any time.


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